Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process

Global seamless has the clear advantage of having both Hot Finishing and Cold Drawn manufacturing processes integrated into the same unit.

Hot Finishing Process::

Production Process

Round Pipe Billet → Walking Hearth Furnace → Barrel Type Piercer → Elongator → Induction Heater → Sizing Mill → Cooling Bed → Straightener → Cutting & Beveling → Hydrostatic Test & NDT → HOT FINISHED PIPES/TUBES → Marking → Warehousing

Cold Finishing Process::

Cold Drawn Process for Seamless Steel Pip

Mother Hollow → Pickling/Soaping → End Pointing → Drawing → Heat Treatment → Straightener → Hydrostatic Test/NDT → Cutting → Visual Dimension Check→ Marking/Oiling/Varnishing → COLD FINISHED SEAMLESS PIPES/TUBES → Bundling → Warehousing

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